Scandic Tribe Gold Logo


Established in 2015, Scandinavian-based rock band “Scandic Tribe” are releasing their debut album, “Light at the End” on March 6th 2018.


For their debut release, the rock duo has teamed up with world renowned producer, Roy Z, who has worked with artists such as Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, and Judas Priest, and mastering engineer, Maor Appelbaum, who has worked with Faith No More and Meat Loaf.


Sharing a joint vision for the future of the band, members Morten G.P. and Thomas Økland have built a musical group to be reckoned with, based on an ethos of friendship and mutual respect.


Their guitar-driven rock sound, with catchy melodies and memorable hooks, is inspired by classic rock mixed with a modern touch, and a hint of Nordic flair.


Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the duo create compelling music based on a blend of genres including rock, folk, hard rock, and heavy metal. Their first album, “Light at the End” tells a true story, with each song being deeply intertwined with each other.


Featuring 11 tracks, which highlights the band’s extremely broad creative approach. Lead single REVOLUTION OF CONFUSION features introspective lyrics sung over a melodic guitar.


Passionate and courageous, the band have big dreams and aspirations, and importantly they have the talent to see them come true.


Promoting positivity, and approaching music with an open mind, the group are proud of their heritage and have used it as inspiration to create their own organic, original, and unique style.